St. Croix Marriage License Requirements

When applying for a marriage license in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the following is required:

Download Application for Marriage License Form
Download Marriage License and Certificate Form

The form must be typed or printed by the applicants.
This form requests:

Full name and age at last birthday
Social Security number
Date of birth
Nationality and place of usual residence
The name of parents (present and maiden)
Previous marital status (widowed, divorced or annulled)

After completion,  and before returning the form to the Territorial Court (which is also now called
Superior Court),  applicants must appear before a notary public and have the application
notarized.  Your notary will place his/her seal in the bottom left corner of this form (not in the
place where the court later signs on the right bottom side.)   If either or both applicants have
been divorced, it is required that an original certified copy of the divorce decree be filed along
with the application
Applicants should also attach a letter to the court detailing the following:

The date of arrival to the island
The length of their stay
Desired date of the ceremony, and if the couple is requesting that a judge perform the ceremony.
Otherwise, provide the Name of Officiate & Religious Affiliation of Officiate who is performing the

Posting the Application
Upon receipt of the notarized application at the Territorial Court, an eight-day waiting period is required.
During this time, the couple's application is posted for public inspection.

Examination of Applicants for Marriage License
Before a marriage license can be issued, applicants are required to personally appear before the Clerk of the
Court, or her designee, to be examined under oath.  Some form of identification is required.  Please bring a
State Issued Driver's License with photo, a State issued ID with photo or a Passport.  Note: No physical
examination or blood test is required.

All fees must be paid by certified check or money order by mail, or by check, money order or cash when
paying in person.   Payment form should be made out to "Superior Court".

Nonrefundable fee for Marriage Application: $100
Marriage License: $100

Court Office Hours
8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays,  and on Saturdays from 10 am to noon,
except on Carnival Saturday.   Additionally, by pre-arrangement and $150 per couple surcharge,
the court will be available on Sundays and holidays between 9:30 am and 10:30 am.  NOTE:  St Croix has
additional holidays that are a part of the Virgin Islands, in addition to those celebrated as official holidays in
the U.S.  Also Note:  No cash transactions may take place after 3 pm when the cashier at the Court closes; if
you are doing any business which requires a cash transaction, you must get there before 3 pm.

Mailing Address
You should print,  fill out and mail forms ahead of time and well in advance as possible..

We recommend you use United States Priority Mail with return receipt.  You should contact the
Court within 2-3 weeks to verify that your paperwork was received and that it is complete.

Territorial Court (Superior Court) of the Virgin Islands, Family Division
PO Box 929
Christiansted, VI 00821-0929

Their number is  340-778-9750 - ask for Family Division

Information may be subject to change at anytime without notice.  Please contact the Territorial Court for
complete information.  

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Depending on which Officiate you use, you may or may not have to return to the Court with your
completed, final papers, which have been signed by the witnesses after the actual ceremony.  
Some Officiates will take care of this for you (as part of their cost, but their cost may be higher),
and other Officiates will not do this as part of their cost.  If you are purchasing a wedding package
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